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The cream Varikosette against varicose veins

Cream Varikosette against varicose veins

The cream Varikosette — the latest development of scientists, aimed at fight against most of the manifestations of varicose veins. Presentation of the innovation of a drug product below.

Varicose veins — a common disease. The signs of disrupting the normal functioning of the valves of the veins are marked almost 90% of the women and of the order of 65% of the men living in the developed countries. in France, this indicator is below: 67% and 45%, respectively. The main causes of the development of the disease are: heredity, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged standing position, pregnancy, obesity, dysfunction of the endocrine system, all the.

In the early stages of the disease a person feels discreet, pain in the lower limbs. You receive of heaviness in the legs, possible convulsions (especially at night), edema. On the surface of the skin can meet the so-called "veins".

Varikosettedeveloped by the company Hendel, is an innovative solution for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

  1. The great feature is the fact that it shows a high efficiency for the different stages of the disease, giving the patient significant relief.
  2. Thanks to carefully selected components of the tool provides an excellent weno, tonic, and thins the blood, stops the process of formation of blood clots and eliminates the symptoms of venous insufficiency.
  3. The result of the regular application of the cream Varikosette gradually eliminated the tension, the pain and swelling. The therapeutic action of the preparation continues for several hours after application on the affected area of the skin. The composition of the cream is very soft and gently, without the risk of developing complications.
  4. Very effective is this tool and for the purposes of prevention – that is why it is recommended to apply to those who have a predisposition to the development of varicose veins. The cream has a positive effect on the vascular wall, giving them the necessary elasticity and strength.
  5. In addition, it contributes to strengthening the process of blood circulation, normalize the metabolism in tissues, as well as reduce the permeability of the whole system of veins and blood vessels.

The cream Varikosette — output for those who have the earliest forms of development of varicose veins. The tool reduces in vienna, restores blood circulation and makes the vessel walls resistant and flexible. Pass the pain, the weakness, heaviness in the legs for 1-2 months. The treatment is full, the vessels are to be fully restored. Also the cream is recommended for prevention, if you have a genetic predisposition.

It is important to have in mind that the cream Varikosette with the auto-use is not able to completely eliminate all manifestations of varicose veins, but in the treatment that it helps to increase the therapeutic effect in the fight against this pathology.

How does the cream Varikosette

How does Varikosette

Until recently, surgery was the method of treatment of varicose veins. At the same time with him staring at the pills, and a compression garment. And it was literally a year ago on the pharmaceutical market in France was a tool of high efficacy, which was the more surprised, even флебологов.

The cream Varikosette created by scientists for more than 5 years. It revolves around natural extracts obtained from organic products of plants that grow in Asia. The production is carried out according to the technology, are applied to German manufacturing in the nature of cosmetic products Hendel. This technology aims to maintain in the medicinal plants the maximum amount of medicinal properties. Accordingly, the active components have a powerful regenerating and purifying effect.

Through natural of the body contributes to the cream:

According to the doctors, recommends the cream for varicose veins Varikosette to his patients, and the positive dynamic in the early stages observed in 90% of cases. Launched by the form of healing, it can not!

Photo before and after the application Varikosette

Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 1Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 2Before and after the application of the cream Varikosette, photo 3

Composition Varikosette

Approximately 80% of the components of the plant extracts, and only 20% of the components are active chemical compounds. There are no parabens, dyes, GMO products.

Natural ingredients:


Components Varikosette absolutely safe for health. Curative Action of each of the ingredients proven to hundreds of tests and clinical trials.

Where to buy cream Varikosette in France

Pharmacy in France Varikosette provide limited quantity and sold the drug at a premium. Therefore, the price of the producer is preferable to book the cream on the official website. In the order form, leave your number, you will have 20 minutes to remind manager for more information by mail. Sent the package the next day.

Price Varikosette for the shares is € 49 ! There are other promotions, stay tuned for new information on the official website.

Advice of a doctor

The doctor The surgeon Daniel Daniel
The surgeon
12 years

Surgery is the last resort in the treatment of varicose veins, so, of course, at this stage of the disease is better not to bring. The use of the cream Varikosette will help get rid of this unpleasant and dangerous disease without the application of the "heavy artillery" — an operation for removal of veins. The cream helps to reduce the blood clots in the capillaries and the normalization of blood circulation.

Almost immediately after his application to pass the sensation of pain. The effectiveness Varikosette proven not only in practice feedback from patients in France, that this cream has helped — but theoretically: have been conducted clinical studies, after which the cream has received the certificate of quality. Therefore, this drug is excellent and quite safe for treatment of varicose veins, without complications and side effects.