The best remedy for the treatment of varicose veins!

Beautiful female legs without varicose veins

Varicose veins are considered a disease that involves a thinning of the venous wall, an increase in the venous lumen and the formation of nodular enlargements. A person faces severe heaviness in the legs, they quickly get tired, swell, regular night cramps appear, the veins expand. If you do not find a good remedy for varicose veins, complications arise after a few years. These are phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency and the appearance of trophic ulcers. Doppler ultrasound is the main method that effectively diagnoses varicose veins and its complications.

Can vein disease be completely cured?

Varicose veins are often chronic. Even the most effective and efficient therapeutic methods are not able to eliminate leg problems one hundred percent. The only thing that can be done is to help curb the further development of ailments and serious complications, which often lead to disability.

Legs after the treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies

Experts advise to determine the optimal tactics for the prevention of the disease and argue that varicose veins need long-term treatment.

Modern surgical procedures can eliminate the disease without a scalpel.The most common methods of varicose vein treatment today are sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and radiofrequency ablation.Similar methods are used at different stages of the disease and lead to a positive result.

Good remedies for varicose veins

It is impossible to completely get rid of the ailment described above exclusively with home methods, but it is really possible to minimize the symptoms. The main advantage of folk remedies is the complete absence of side effects.

Blue clay

Blue clay has long established itself as a good remedy for varicose veins, which has medicinal and health properties. This recipe is used as a viscous mass in water or whey at room temperature.

Thanks to its mineral composition, blue clay fights well against varicose veins of the legs

You need to do the following:

  1. Heat the water or whey to a favorable temperature. If there is no serum, butter is added to the water so that the clay can easily detach the hair on the lower ends.
  2. Stir, you end up with a thick paste that resembles sour cream. It is not recommended to prepare the composition for several days at once, as the useful properties disappear over time.
  3. Spread on the feet, especially in the very affected areas (the layer should be several centimeters).
  4. Wrap with a napkin or wipe with a towel, put a warm wool scarf on top.
  5. Withstand the procedure for two and a half hours and wash off the clay with warm water.
  6. The remedy for varicose veins should be applied within 1-2 months.

Apple cider vinegar to strengthen blood vessels

Another good remedy for varicose veins is apple cider vinegar. It is best to cook on your own, using sourdough on black bread.

Apple cider vinegar strengthens the walls of blood vessels with varicose veins
  1. Ripe apples need to be finely chopped in a glass jar, filling it to 50-60 percent.
  2. Then cut the briquettes of Borodino bread into small slices (all folded in a jar).
  3. Pour into a glass of sugar and cover completely with water.
  4. Put a medical glove on the jar (first make a prick in the finger) and let it brew for three weeks.
  5. Strain the liquid and put it back in a warm place for two weeks until the composition is completely prepared.
  6. You should clean your feet with vinegar or wrap them with waffle-soaked towels.
  7. Vinegar against varicose veins is recommended for oral administration, 1 teaspoon per month.

Use of essential oils

Essential oils are no less good remedies for varicose veins than creams, infusions, vinegar. During varicose veins, garlic, flaxseed, sandalwood and castor oils are often used.

Essential oils improve blood circulation for varicose veins

They are used in the following ways:

  1. A couple of drops of different oils are added to a warm bath. The procedure must be carried out every day in the evening.
  2. Oil drops are added to the massage cream and gently rubbed into problem areas from bottom to top.

Esters not only strengthen the walls of blood vessels, but also relieve swelling of the lower limbs.

Willow bark chopped against varicose veins

Already in ancient times, the bark of the weeping willow was considered a good remedy for varicose veins.

Willow bark has a good tonic effect on varicose veins
  1. You need to take 2 tablespoons of chopped willow bark and pour a glass of cold water.
  2. Further, all this is brought to a boil and removed from the heat. It is necessary to cover the bowl with a thick blanket so that the mixture is steamed for half an hour.
  3. In the evening, the resulting broth is diluted with warm water. You can start hovering inside. After steaming the legs, it is necessary to grind the broth in the problem areas.
  4. You need to be treated with this varicose vein remedy for 20 days. This method is also suitable for the treatment of varicose veins of the knee and foot.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut strengthens capillaries and blood vessels, with its help clots are absorbed. And hence, it has established itself as an excellent remedy for varicose veins.

Horse chestnut normalizes blood viscosity and prevents blood clots from forming with varicose veins

This medicine is prepared according to the following principle:

  1. The crushed fruits are placed in a container.
  2. Poured with alcohol (vodka), the composition is stored in a place where there is no access to light. The aging period is 2 weeks.
  3. During this time, it is recommended to stir the solution regularly.
  4. After the required time has elapsed, the composition is filtered and poured into a glass bottle (dark shade).
  5. The resulting tincture against varicose veins can be applied externally and internally. In the first case, about 40 drops of the composition diluted in water three times a day are taken during a meal. In the second, the compress is done for two hours.

It is important to understand that the preventive basis against varicose veins is constant stress on the legs. Daily walks and gymnastics are recommended. Women should purchase compression tights to improve blood flow to problem areas.