The most effective medication of varicose veins

An effective remedy for varicose veins includes the receipt of a variety of medications (pills, ointments), means. Each of them helps to relieve the symptoms, reduce the vessels, relieving discomfort.

What is the varicosities


It is a problem with the veins, which is characterized by dilation of the vessels, often on the feet. The vertical position and walking increases the pressure on the bottom of the body, so the veins can swell, buy blue-violet or purple. For many people varicose veins simply cosmetic defects. However, for some people, it can cause pain and discomfort. Sometimes, the disease points out the danger of traffic violations.

How to detect spider veins? Do this is not difficult. It is necessary to pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • the appearance vascular of a fishnet on the legs, the feet;
  • the pain in the blood vessels;
  • a burning sensation or ripple;
  • swelling, heaviness in the legs and ankles;
  • muscle cramps, cramps, especially at night;
  • dry, itching, thin skin around affected of vienna.

The varicosities develops when the small flap to the inside of blood vessels stop functioning normally. The blood begins to stagnate in the veins, that is why they swell and dilate. What are the signs contribute to the onset of the problem:

  • sex (men are less likely to suffer from the disease);
  • the family history;
  • at the age;
  • overweight, obesity;
  • a sedentary way of life, work;
  • pregnancy.

The medication of varicose veins

Effective medications for varicose veins of the lower limbs to help relieve the symptoms, to calm the inflammation of the blood vessels and rid the patient of pain, swelling, possible complications. What are the steps to take for the success of the therapy of the disease:

  • wear compression stockings;
  • use instructions on the pillow anatomical (varifort);
  • doing physical exercises;
  • avoid prolonged exposure of the feet, especially on the heels;
  • to take medications effective against varicose veins on the legs.


The doctors consider these tools as effective and safe drugs to treat chronic venous insufficiency. Flebotoniki it natural or synthetic chemicals derived from plant extracts. They increase blood circulation, reduce the inflammation, swelling, relieve stress, and gravity. But it is not necessary to use data of the drug in the long time to avoid side effects.


The anti-inflammatory medications help to relieve the pain and swelling.

The drug to thin the blood

At the pharmacy, you can find therapeutic drugs capable of quickly thin the blood, reduce the inflammation of veins, swelling, discomfort. However, they do not give a cosmetic effect. What are the means of varicose veins, you can use at home?


Varicose veins – it is the disease, which is accompanied by a swelling of the legs. To get rid of it and feel the lightness, it is necessary to take in any safety, drug or drink infusions of plants. They neutralize the excess fluid from the body, speed up the reflux of the lymph and inflammation.


To get rid of the venous grid on the feet, you must apply a full treatment. Drugs that contain antioxidants improve the elasticity of the vascular walls, fortify, accelerate the outflow of fluid, reduce the risk of re-emergence of the disease.

Tablets varicose veins

The most well-known and is often referred to by the drug in the varicose veins is Venoreks. It supports the health of blood vessels and capillaries, helps to reduce the water retention in the lower limbs. The tablets contain extract of seeds of the horse chestnut, which relieves the pain, swelling, improves the blood circulation. However, there are other tablets for the veins and blood vessels that relieve symptoms: Venofors; Detraleks Avenue; Venoteks; Venarus; Glivenol; Wobenzym; Troxevasin; Flebion; Aescusan; The phlebodia.

The bites of varicose veins on the legs


Many doctors prescribe to patients drug treatment when the varicose veins. However, there is another method that can get rid vascular the grid. He has called sclerotherapy. That represents this method? The treatment includes the injection of the solution (often saline) directly into a vein. The liquid irritant is working on the container, forcing it to degrade, and the blood to clot. With time, vienna is transformed into scar tissue, which rapidly extends.

Sclerotherapy is performed in a dermatologist or surgeon in a clinic. The number of injections that are entered during a session, depends on the size and location of the vein, but the state of the general health of the patient. In most cases, the specialist injects a solution or melkodispersnuyu of the foam using a fine needle. Sometimes, doctors use drugs such as Etoksisklerol, a fiber Vayne. At this stage, the person may feel a slight discomfort and convulsions. A morbid state lasts for about 1-2 minutes. The procedure takes about half an hour.

Not all patients are in agreement on this method of therapy because of the high price and achieve only a cosmetic effect. Also after sclerotherapy you may not:

  • take hot baths;
  • make compresses;
  • walk in the bath, the sauna;
  • to be under the sun.

Cream to the veins and blood vessels

Many people prefer to use gels, ointments, creams for the treatment of the varicose disease. These medicines have proven their effectiveness and ease of use. Of the tool with a pleasant texture and easy to apply at home, and yet, you can purchase them at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Ointment for varicose veins

Most of the ointments, creams based heparin contain vitamins and nutrients that promote the normal circulation of the blood. They agree that the prevention of varicose veins or in the treatment of the disease at an early stage. However, engaged in a problem requires the use of more effective drugs

Folk remedies when the varicose veins

The blueberries and the horse chestnut – the two most popular folkloristic tool in the treatment of varicose veins. Often, they enter into the composition of ointments and creams that improve blood circulation, relieve the inflammation. In relation to blueberries, you can take charge, brew teas, infusions. What can you treat spider veins of the house:

  • The apple cider vinegar. It should be applied undiluted on the veins, by gently massaging this area.
  • In the olive oil. Mix the same quantity of butter, and vitamin E. Massaging the feet warm in the ground for a few minutes.
  • Garlic. Grind six pods of garlic, put them in a jar. Add the juice of 3 oranges and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Leave it to infuse for 12 hours. The solution was applied to vienna, wear a soft cloth and leave overnight. The procedure must be repeated every day for several months.