Causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of varicose disease

Among all the diseases of the cardio-vascular system varicose disease often remains in the shadows: the ordinary people believe that pathological varicose veins are a problem in the first place aesthetics and health of the man has only an indirect relationship. But this is not the lack of treatment of varicose veins can significantly affect the health of patients and even cause complications mortally dangerous.

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Varicose veins of the lower limbs: what is this?

Contrary to stereotypes, created for those who know them only by hearsay varicose veins, the veins can develop not only on the legs, but in the field of a small basin, esophagus, and certain other bodies. But it is varicose veins of the lower limbs — the "visiting card" of this pathology, in fact, is the main symptom of — ugly protrusions vienna, bulging under the skin — the visible and the patient, and other.

Why dilate the veins? To resolve this problem, you have to imagine how the blood, with success ut digneris of oxygen to the tissues of the body, comes back to the heart. To overcome the force of gravity, lifting the feet to the chest, it needs support mechanisms. In the first place, it works on the muscles of the lower limbs, playing the role of the pump: their reduction in the process of walking moves the blood to the heart. In addition, the importance of the valves located inside the veins: they prevent the reverse flow of blood.

Varicose veins, it is the disease of the valves which have ceased to perform their function. The result of such a breach the liquid accumulates in the blood vessels, leading to their expansion. In the future, in the area of the deformed veins can develop ulcers trophic, and blood clots forming due to stagnation of blood, capable of causing severe and mortally dangerous worsening of varicose veins — pulmonary embolism.

In Russia, the varicose veins of the legs in women and in men are common signs of pathology are more than half of people over the age of 18. The number of patients increases each year — this is because physical inactivity the nature of the professional activity.

It is important to know

Often, the varicose veins of the lower limbs is accompanied by another known disease — hemorrhoids. The nature of these two diseases is the same, as well as the risk factors predisposing to their development. As in the case of varicose veins, people are often to the last are unaware of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, including that the pathology will you. However, these two diseases are irreversible without a radical intervention with age, better.

The causes of the disease

A sedentary lifestyle, the daily life of many hours of stay in the vertical and lack of exercise accelerate the development of varicose veins of the lower limbs. But the experts underline the essential role hereditary factor: if ugly, the asterisks and "worms" under the skin observed in your parents, it is highly likely that you and your children one day, meet this condition on personal experience.

Among other things, of varicose veins is more common in smokers, obese people, pregnant women and those who have other chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is interesting Predisposing to venous disease of the feet business are the following: the surgeon, cashier, driver, computer programmer, flight attendant, dock worker, salesman, hairdresser, a school teacher.

The symptoms of varicose veins on the legs

This disease of the lower limbs is appropriate to classify phases based on the negligence of a pathological process. Each stage has characteristic symptoms and requires a certain curative strategy.

  • For the first phase of varicose veins characterized by the notable presence of the image of the veins under the skin and the appearance of the unit of varicosities. The patient complained of permanent or periodic feeling of heaviness in the legs, in the evening swelling of the feet (on the foot and ankle may remain traces of shoes or the rubber sock), cramps in the legs at night. It is important that there are often unpleasant sensations occur before the first external signs of the disease.
  • The second stage of the varicose disease of the legs is typical characterized by the appearance of the veins: they are significantly protruding above the skin, reminiscent of beads or nodules. When the disease progresses, the blood vessels form convoluted tyazhi bluish or even black.
  • The third step implies that the process is complicated by trophic disorders in the tissues of the feet: leather calf becomes dry and pale, the swelling and the severity are observed every day, the cramps can be seen even in the day. Often, patients complain of itching and redness in this area.
  • At the fourth stage of varicose veins begins the inflammation of the veins and the skin. In the field of the accumulation of varicose veins can appear healing ulcer trophic. Launched by the disease is fraught with the accession of secondary infection, and thrombophlebitis — these states require hospitalization and long-term care.

How to treat varicose veins of the lower limbs?

Physicians since ancient times the search for a means of treatment of varicose disease of the feet. With the development of the anatomy, surgeons have found that the removal of varicose veins does not lead to a violation of blood circulation of lower limbs: it turned out that the varicosities primarily affects the vessels located at the surface of the body (those that are not surrounded by muscle "cage"), so in the event of a work stoppage, trophic function, assume the deep vein of the leg and hip. Already in the TWENTIETH century there were the drugs, which has suspended the process of development of the disease at an early stage, which in some cases has allowed to give up to the operation.

Conservative treatment

This type of treatment of varicose veins is appropriate for patients at an early stage of the disease, which does not have the indication of a surgical intervention (or she, for any reason contra-indicated). Such an approach does not reverse the disease process, but under the destinations of doctor by the patient provides partial eliminate the symptoms of the disease. In addition, the conservative treatment is almost always used in the process of preparation of the operation and thereafter.

  • The drug therapy. Prescription drugs for varicose vein disease, are able to improve the tone of the venous wall, to stop the process of inflammation in the blood vessels, improve tissue vascularization. This helps to relieve the discomfort in the legs, and to delay the worsening of the external manifestations of varicose veins.
  • Compression therapy is based on the beneficial effect of wearing elastic bandages, and a little bit of compression hosiery. The fabric, in this case, fills the same role as in the standard take the muscles: it compresses the veins, improving the circulation of blood in the direction vertical to the heart. Well-being of the patient improves more than in the process to wear stockings or bandages, and after their withdrawal. Compression therapy obligatorily assigned to patients after the operation, as well as the pregnant women often suffer from varicose veins, it is particularly important to develop therapeutic shirt during long trips.

The surgical treatment

The intervention, whose goal is the elimination affected by varicose veins of vienna, is a priority in the treatment of this pathology. If the valves of the ship is damaged, and it is itself deformed and then restore its work does not work. Therefore, phlebologists offer a wide variety of methods to "turn off" the veins of the circulation and of the removal or natural atrophy.

  • Phlebectomy is the older, "classic", view of a rapid treatment of the varicose disease. Vienna is physically removed: its tied up and out of the body. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, on the feet there are small scars.
  • Laser Photocoagulation of varicose veins. With the time, the doctors felt that, in most cases, you can do it without the trauma of the operation, replacing it by a more gentle intervention, which is carried out with the aid of a laser. And the impact is made on the inside: in the vein introduced an electrode which launches the laser beam. It heats up to the wall of the vessel, in consequence of which they stick together, preventing the continuation of the circulation of the blood. With time, this vienna contracts and completely solved.
  • Frequency of clotting of the varicose veins in part similar to laser coagulation, but in the context of this intervention is applied to a different type of energy. The procedure is performed under ultrasound control. It can be achieved, even in the last stages of the disease, the presence of venous ulcers and skin diseases.
  • Sclerotherapy, in fact, lies at the border between the surgery and drug treatments of varicose veins. "Be welded permanently" vienna, in this case, using special chemicals, which are introduced injection, directly hit the container. The procedure takes no more than 20 minutes, the use of anesthesia is not necessary.

The prevention of the disease

Any good results did not allow to perform the operation, the best treatment of varicose veins — their prevention. The more you move and the "shaking" the blood in the veins, it is less likely that one day they will fall down. If you have a sedentary job — and don't forget to raise the seat and do a little gymnastics, and also wise to always selection of shoes: it should be comfortable and correspond to a type of physical activity.

Useful tips for the health of the feet
  1. Watch your weight.
  2. Use comfortable shoes with a heel of 6 see
  3. Wear good, not constraining the motion of the clothing.
  4. Move more, in addition to climb the stairs, try for a long time not to sit down.
  5. Sitting, don't put the foot on the leg.
  6. All the days proceeds to the infusion of the feet, alternating the cold and hot water.
  7. Take a shower, change the water pressure — it tones up the muscles.
  8. Useful for walking, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing.
  9. Avoid sports activities, related to a big load on the legs (tennis, wrestling, football, weightlifting).
  10. Try not to lift weights.
  11. If possible, eliminate the reception of a hot bath, the sauna, the application of the hot wax as an epilator.
  12. Before taking hormonal contraceptives, talk to phlebologists.
  13. Wear medical compression every day.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the disease, it is essential to consult a doctor and do not give varicose veins spoil your mood and health. In fact, it may be, there is only one category of people, which can appeal to the varicose disease: manufacturers of pants, so that patients with features veins often choose to hide the problem it is thanks to this piece of the wardrobe. And, if you don't want the rest of the life "hiding" the legs, depriving yourself of hike, to the beach, to tolerate permanent drawback: pain, swelling, seizures — do not delay the treatment of varicose veins.