The appearance of varicose veins: the causes of the disease

Varicose veins of the occurs in a large part of humanity. In 50 years, the signs of the disease have been observed in 65% of women, while the indicators of the male half of the population, at the same age of 42%. Why the representatives of the female with a higher risk of developing the disease, and what are the reasons of varicose veins in women, which we consider later.

The overall picture of the etiology

Pathology of the veins, with their elongation possible thrombosis and the formation of nodes, are the scientists of all countries of the world. To this day, the reasons of the appearance of varicose veins in women studied fully. The main factors favouring the development of the disease:

  1. the low level of mobility;
  2. the abuse of alcohol and tobacco;
  3. high physical activity;
  4. genetic structure;
  5. traumatic injury of the blood vessels;
  6. a poor diet and a way of life;
  7. disease tract and the endocrine system.
Be aware! The main causes of development of varicose veins in women are similar to the factors that cause this disease in men. Mainly the difference lies in the hormonal changes of the body.

The physical activity and the work of the pollution

The woman in the office with pain in the back

Most women have a job related to conditions sitting or standing for prolonged periods. Bakers, vendors, computer professionals, secretaries, servers, and surgeons – not the whole list of professions, the owners of which likely to develop venous disease. This group of people apply, and people with disabilities, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Excessive physical exercise, leads to a system of blood vessels, increases blood pressure and increases its volume. The overload weakens the functional capacity of the valves of the veins, designed to regulate blood flow. The vessels dilate, elongate, appear rough, which can not be filled with thrombotic masses in the event of the accession of unfavorable factors.

The lack of exercise, and lack of physical activity are the same reasons of varicose veins in women, such as the high level of the load. They contribute to the development of venous stasis in the circulatory system.


This cause of varicose veins on the legs of women occupies the first place among all of the possible factors. The disease will as a "dot" of someone from his parents and has no toilet on the floor. If the varicose disease was tormented by his father and his mother was in good health, this does not mean that the disease is passed from the male line. In young girls the possibility of developing pathology of the veins is much higher.

In addition to the parents, on the onset of the disease can affect, and the parents of previous generations. Inherited from him-even varicose veins, and the predisposition to it because of the propensity of the vascular wall thinning and stretching.

Insufficiency, valvular, vascular system, and also genetics of the validity. In this case, vienna or have a small number of valves to normal operation, either the valve be defective as a result of their anatomical education. Such a deficiency results in a stagnation of the blood in the system of the veins of the legs, in the system of the small pelvis and the upper limbs.

The hormonal influence of the background

The reasons of the appearance of varicose veins in women are directly related to hormonal changes in her body. There are several periods, capable to give an impulse to the beginning of the disease:

  1. the gestation of the child;
  2. the premenstrual period;
  3. of the disease, accompanied by a high level of estrogen;
  4. the use of hormonal contraceptives;
  5. the application of hormonal therapy of the menopause.

All these periods are accompanied by the hormonal changes and the increased levels of hormones in the body. Estrogen and progesterone act on the walls of blood vessels, weakening of the muscle tone. This makes the veins more sensitive to congestion and prone to stretching and elongation.

Hormonal contraceptives and replacement therapy used in the period of menopause, also have in its composition of the dose of female hormones.

Be aware! The influence of estrogen on the tonicity of the vessels explains the frequency of the female of varicose veins, compared to the evolution of the disease in men.

Climacteric manifestations act, to the contrary. In the period of the menopause, the amount of estrogen drops sharply, however, increases the production of progesterone, a hormone of the corpus luteum of the ovary. Progesterone, like estrogen, it has a relaxing effect on the venous wall. This is another reason for varicose veins on the legs of women.

Pregnancy can be accompanied not only by processes in the lower limbs, but the hemorrhoid (varicose veins, rectum). Throughout the period of gestation of the child, the weight of the mother increases, and the load on the internal organs increases. Pregnancy is accompanied by a series of factors that can cause varicose veins disease of any location:

  1. frequent constipation, accompanying this period of time;
  2. the pressure of the weight of the child and of the mother on the walls of the vessels pelvic;
  3. the efforts and the struggles, increasing the pressure on the hemorrhoidal of the ring.
The onset of symptoms of the varicose disease of the hands is also frequent enough in the gestation period of the child.

The overweight

Overeating with a lot of weight

The development of obesity applies to the reasons of the appearance of varicose veins of different localization in women. A heavy weight and a large pressure, which must resist the feet of all the days, make themselves known. In addition, women, people suffering from this pathology, a little, prefer to lead a sedentary life.

The vascular system must work to wear, in order to ensure a proper working of all the internal organs. The increase in the volume of blood creates an additional increase of the pressure, and the inability of the veins to cope with such a quantity of liquid causes the development of stagnation.

Obesity is quite often accompanies diabetes mellitus. The main reason for the appearance of varicose veins on the legs of women, in the context of the amendment of all internal mechanisms and metabolism.

Violations of the part intestinal

Chronic constipation is one of the factors of the etiology, which causes a dilation of the veins hemorrhoidal area. The disease process occurs because of the rise and stagnation of the blood. Veins are increasing, appear to be characteristic of varicose veins, which tend to damage and thrombosis.

Most often constipation can be caused by a poor diet, frequent use of enemas, in the presence of stress situations at work or at home.

Other factors

In addition to the main causative factors are distinguished, which do not cause the development of the disease yourself, but all in all with other can be used to thrust at the beginning of the pathological processes. These include:

  1. the abuse of shoes on the top of the road;
  2. the port of slimming linen pants;
  3. prolonged cough, increasing abdominal pressure;
  4. the traumatic lesions, accompanied by compression of the veins in the scar tissue;
  5. the violation of food (fast-foods, a small amount of food of plant origin);
  6. state of the nervous system;
  7. increase of the coagulation of the blood, which increases the risk of thrombosis, varicose nodes.

The identification of the causes of the disease is necessary to address its effects on the human body, which contributes to prompt healing and the prevention of complications of the disease.