The medication of varicose veins in the legs: what are the best, comments

When the varicose veins a sprain occurs, and the decrease of the elasticity of the veins, a result of this that they swell and become visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is mainly directed suspended on the vascular tone and the return to their normal appearance. To do this, use medicines of varicose veins on the legs, which contribute to the improvement of traffic and prevention of the formation of thrombophlebitis.

tools of varicose veins

Please note that this article is purely informative. All of these drugs for the treatment of varicose veins on the legs, you can use it only on doctor's prescription. They have a rather large list of contraindications and side effects.

Tablets varicose veins

A varicose vein is a disease that requires an integrated treatment. The ointments and gels that apply to the external, are intended solely for the elimination of cosmetic defect. Therefore, the problem must be treated on the inside, and this will of drugs varicose veins of the lower limbs in the form of tablets.

Internal of the receipt of the drugs allows to:

  • drop the inflammatory processes in the body;
  • improve the blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • remove the microcirculation violations that have led to the emergence of this disease.

All medications for varicose veins in the form of tablets are divided into several groups:pharmacological

  • corticosteroids;
  • non-steroidal analgesics.

All of these medicamentous means contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, and improve the vascular tone. These drugs are effective for varicose veins, it is recommended to apply as in the curative and preventive health care. As stated in some sources, the regular application of these medications, the therapeutic effect can be observed already after 2-3 weeks.

Ointment against varicose veins on the legs

On the pharmacological market, there are a lot of drugs in the form of ointments, which are used for varicose veins. But they are a good tool for the prevention of varicose veins with regular use of their application. But in the early stages of the disease ointment also give a good therapeutic effect. So, the medicine of varicose veins I degree, in the form of pomade allows you to achieve the following results:

  • the relief of pain and a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs;
  • reduce the swelling of the feet;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • normalize local blood circulation;
  • prevent the appearance of clots in the veins, which are the cause of the development of thrombophlebitis.

Of the cream when the varicose veins of the lower limbs

The medicine against varicose veins on the legs in the form of cream needs to contain an anticoagulant that has several therapeutic action of vienna – relief and strengthens.

Because varicose veins the permeability of drugs worsens, the concentration of the anticoagulant must not be too small. In the opposite case, to obtain the positive results of the cream will be almost impossible.

Well, if the composition of the cream it has vitamins c, B1 and B5, which also provide a good therapeutic effect. They help to strengthen the walls of the vessels and of the acceleration of regenerative processes.

The cream of varicose veins is not a standalone tool. They are nothing more than auxiliary drugs in the treatment of varicose veins, this is why you need to use in the complex treatment drug.

If say what medicine for varicose veins better, it should be noted the cream VaricoBooster. This tool has a natural composition. It is found in honey, chamomile oil, vitamins, and much more. Together, they have a good therapeutic effect – relieve heavy legs, eliminate the swelling and make the veins less visible.

Use this cream differently. In the initial stage of varicose veins, it is used only for the night. If the disease has already begun, the cream is applied on the skin of the lower limbs up to 4 times per day. The treatment duration is chosen individually.

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Varicose veins – this disease, the treatment of which it must be approached with all the responsibility. In fact, it can easily lead to the development of other diseases, including heart disease. Therefore, at the onset of the first signs of varicose veins, you should immediately contact your doctor so he can prescribe you the best cure for varicose veins on the legs.