How to treat varicose veins cider vinegar?

Quite old and a popular method for the control of varicose veins – the application of vinegar. What are the possible ways and recipes for the treatment of varicose veins apple cider vinegar? Are there counter-indications of this method? What is the vinegar is more useful for the treatment of varicose veins, home or the store?

cider vinegar varicose veins

Is the apple cider vinegar when the varicose veins?

The fact that the varicosities seems that the walls of the blood vessels cease to be resistant and have delayed the blood, the well-known. It follows that to sustain the good condition of the veins in this disease, the need to strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Help what can the apple cider vinegar.

This tool is a rare blend of useful substances, including vitamins A, B, C, and E, potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium, malic acid, oxalic and lactic acid. Each of these items separately useful for the body, but overall, they are a real medical supplies.

Although apple cider vinegar is not a cure-all for varicose veins, it can contribute to the improvement of the condition of the blood vessels. This is possible thanks to tocopherol, or vitamin E it contains, with vitamins C and A. the Last help tocopherol immediately absorbed by the body and ready – to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin E acts at the cellular level, protecting cell membranes from oxidation, promoting satiety cells in the oxygen.

In addition, the tocopherol was overwhelming on the 3-hydroxy-3-coenzyme A reductase, which promotes cholesterol production. Thus, it is possible to reduce the amount of cholesterol, which is also very useful for the veins.

The acid included in the vinegar of cider, stimulate blood circulation and help eliminate the edema.

The treatment of varicose veins apple cider vinegar

All of the methods of application of apple cider vinegar when the varicose veins can be divided into two categories:

  • external application,
  • the reception inside.

Each of these categories includes several methods has its advantages and side effects.

The external application

The advantages of this category is that the impact is directly on the skin and the veins directly below. However, those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis, it is necessary to choose another method of treatment.

  • The friction of vinegar – the simplest way. Just rub the vinegar using a cotton disk to the problem of space. This procedure must be performed at least two times per day and not more than seven. The treatment course lasts three weeks and more.
  • Bath with vinegar for legs is not only to help in the fight against varicose veins, and relieve fatigue. You need to take a deep basin or bucket, combine the apple cider vinegar with water, observing the proportion of 1 litre of vinegar to 4 litres of water. The bottom of the legs in acetic acid of water and let them stand thus for half an hour. After that he does not need to immediately wipe the feet: it is necessary to lie down, putting her feet on the pillow, covering it with a cloth. It would be better if they dry naturally. The course medical supplies lasts at least a month, provided daily repetition. But because of the pleasure of the procedure, it is logical to continue to take foot baths for prophylaxis.
  • Wraps. This method is suited to those who want to immediately lie down after a day of work. You need a small cup of apple cider vinegar, gauze, polyethylene and a towel. Marly to make the towels, soak them in vinegar and put on affected areas. Wrap the legs of polyethylene and a towel, put it on a hill and wait for an hour, after which remove everything. When the daily repetition of the treatment procedure will last not less than thirty days.
  • Vinegar compresses will require even less of a hassle. In fact, this is the same wraps, but without the polyethylene and towels: simply wet gauze in vinegar, and applied to large veins.
  • Vinegar rinse , you can do it, for example, after the shower. It is necessary in advance, mix 250 ml of vinegar with three litres of warm water. This composition, you need to rinse the feet and allow to dry.

How to drink apple cider vinegar when the varicose veins?

apple cider vinegar

The advantage of this technique is that, in this case, apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on the whole body. It accelerates the metabolism and encourages the elimination of toxins. In addition, the vinegar can bring you a dose of calcium, sulfur and magnesium.

It is useful to drink water, acetic acid, which is a mixture of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water. To enhance the taste, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Better to drink this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.

In ancient Israel, people at a lunch, threw a piece of bread in the vinegar. This important custom of feeling cool on a hot day. You can try to bring this habit in his life.

In addition, you can make a significant contribution to the health of your family, in lieu of cooking normal apple cider vinegar. The ordinary vinegar, it is distinguished by the "construction" of the ability, thanks to which it is involved in protein metabolic processes. In addition, regular vinegar will not have a therapeutic action when the varicose veins.


The application of apple cider vinegar has a number of contraindications and side effects.

First of all, the reception of vinegar may promote bone demineralization, especially if at the same time to drink diuretics. Second, if the vinegar solution is too strong, you could damage the enamel of the teeth.

The prolonged use of apple cider vinegar promotes the flow of potassium, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the cardio-vascular system.

Vinegar can have a negative impact on the mucous membrane, and, once in the stomach, is able to modify its acidity. This can be detrimental in itself, in the presence of ulcer or gastritis turns into a serious problem. Particular threat to the esophagus, which under the action of the acid quickly lends itself to erosion.

The reception of vinegar can worsen the inflammation of the pathways of the channels.

For those who control the levels of sugar in the blood, it is important to remember that the reception of the apple cider vinegar within it may lead to hypoglycemia. Diabetic patients should carefully monitor their condition.

The application of apple cider vinegar against those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, and also if you have open wounds.

How to cook apple cider vinegar at home

In the stores, instead of apple cider vinegar can be offered a blend of apple juice regular vinegar. This option is not suitable for medical purposes, therefore, nothing is more sure of cider vinegar, prepared yourself.

Recipe n ° 1

To do this, you will need:

  • sweet apples
  • water,
  • sugar,
  • honey,
  • with a capacity of 10 litres.

Apples clean the seeds, cut and leave, so that they blacken. Malic acid, the dough is folded in glass, wood or clay capacity (the plastic and the metal are excluded).

The next step – the addition of sugar. Need 80 grams to 1 kg of apples. It should be remembered that the more sugar, the more the fortress of vinegar. The sugar, dissolve it in a pot with warm water. Then, mix the plain water fresh and pour it into a jar. Up at the top must stay 10 to 12 cm, because in the process of fermentation will rise of the foam. The neck of the bottle banks tie up with the gauze, and send it warm in a dark place for 10 days. Mix all of the 10 hours.


Ten days later, when the hustle and bustle of the compote will go up. This means that the juice should be filtered through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. After this, you can add honey to the calculation of 50g/litre. You can dilute it in a litre of a bank of juice, and then mix with the rest of the composition. The neck of the bottle again closes with gauze, and the apple juice is sent in a dark and warm for the fermentation of 40 days.

At the end of this period, the surface appears dense, thick, white film – acetic acid of the uterus. This accumulation of yeast, you can use it as a kombucha, or for the preparation of a new portion of vinegar.

If the acetic acid, the uterus floats to the surface, therefore, the vinegar is ready. Do not be afraid of it is a little clearer – over time, sediment will descend to cereal. Store the product you need in glass bottles in a dark place. After the opening of the bottle under the cap, you can discover all the same white buildup of yeast. This vinegar can be stored up to three years.

Recipe n ° 2

There is another method of preparation of apple cider vinegar. For him, you must squeeze the juice of apples and drain. After you have poured it into a bowl with a wide throat and put it in a warm place. Hot the rise the faster the fermentation. This process can be accelerated with the help of yeast or the acetic of the uterus.

This juice can ferment for 4-5 weeks. It is necessary to wait until the acetic acid, the uterus drops to the bottom, which means that all the sugar is gone". If this fungus does not, it is possible to navigate on the flavor of the juice.

The treatment of varicose veins using apple cider vinegar possible thanks to the vitamins and acids, used in its composition. You can use it for outdoor applications and take it inside. To be sure of the quality of the product, to better prepare them.