What is the patch for the treatment of varicose veins?

Huge the prevalence of varicose veins requires that the doctors and scientists of all countries to seek new, more effective against this disease. More popularity and trust with the doctors and the patients went on to conquer the chinese glue of varicose veins.

Which shows the application of plaster?

the glue of varicose veins

The recipes of the traditional chinese medicine and tibetan healers formed the basis of the therapeutic nicotine. It represents the strips of fabric applied to the cure of the coating. In its composition of natural ingredients, which, according to the manufacturer, are nanoparticles of herbs. That is why they are completely and very quickly penetrate through the skin into the blood and act for two days. Apply the patch when the symptoms:

  • vascular grid;
  • the seriousness, the pain and fatigue of the feet;
  • swelling;
  • varicose veins;
  • changed the color of the skin of the leg ill;
  • the sensation of cold in the legs.

All the signs of varicose veins. In the opinion of the doctors, if it is used with a plaster cast at the beginning of the disease, it allows you to get rid of it completely.

How "works" the patch?

What can we expect from the "magic" chinese tool? The patch has the following action:

  • strengthens the vascular wall;
  • retrieves the working venous valves;
  • improves blood circulation and nutrition of the surrounding tissues;
  • prevents venous stagnation;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • relieves swelling, eliminates the itch and relieves the pain.

The advantages of using the patches are obvious:

  • he works in the area of problem within 48 hours;
  • the plasterboard has a flesh colour, and the flexible structure of the, this is why it can be applied not only to the house, but "exit";
  • the minimum of the list of contra-indications;
  • begins to act for a few minutes;
  • combines the tradition of chinese medicine and modern technology.

During the manufacture of the composition uses two substances — Azone and Borneol. Azone is a component which can penetrate the healing components into the blood. Borneol has a tonic, an analgesic, an antispasmodic and a tonic effect.

The composition therapeutic

In addition to the substances auxiliaries in the coating of plaster contains extracts of 10 plants. For millennia, they have been used in the recipes of oriental medicine and the test of time. Each component complements and strengthens the action of other:

The name ofThe action
Ginseng is faketones the blood vessels;
eliminates venous stasis;
relieves the pain.
Wild saffron (safflower)reduces platelet aggregation, preventing the formation of blood clots;
normalizes the rate of cholesterol exchange;
is an antioxidant;
reduces the pain.
The sagerelieves the inflammation of the venous wall;
relieves the pain;
strengthens the immune system.
Red kidney beansnormalizes cholesterol levels;
is an antioxidant and a source Of vitamins A, c, and the group S.
Cinnamonrelieves the pain;
has an antibacterial effect;
strengthens the immune system;
stabilizes the blood pressure;
the tone of the venous wall;
relieves the cramping.
Angelicaeprevents the formation of blood clots;
tones the blood vessels;
relieves inflammation.
Maturecleanses the blood;
tones the blood vessels;
improves immunity.
Brazilwoodan anti-histamine;
stimulates heart activity;
relieves inflammation.

The components are not only a beneficial effect on the blood vessels, but improves the condition of the skin of the feet.

How to use the patch?

the treatment of varicose veins

Chinese dressing simple, but there are some rules to follow. Paste its need on a clean skin. Before use, you must wash the leg of the fresh water, and even better to take cold showers, focusing on the feet. The skin needs to dry, remove the protective film from the patch and paste it on the problematic area.

Wear it for 2 days. Then a bandage is removed, the skin washed and rested for at least 6 hours. And then repeat the process. Perhaps the one-time use of ways to relieve the symptoms. If you perform a treatment, its duration must not exceed 30 days.


In the composition of therapeutic coverage includes herbs, capable of improving the tone of the uterus, so applying it during pregnancy is not recommended. Similarly, the impact of its components on the fetus are not known.

The second danger that can represent the patch is allergic to the medicinal plants. Before application, you must pass a test to paste a small piece of plaster at the inside of the elbow. If no response, then you can begin the treatment.

The opinion of physicians

Doctors call all of the close monitoring of the health of the lower limbs, in particular those who work a lot on foot, leads a sedentary lifestyle and is located in a zone of risk of vascular disease. Find varicose veins early will give the opportunity to heal. And this chinese glue. And even better to use for prevention.

If the disease progresses, the legs appear out of vienna and has changed colour of the skin, doctors strongly recommend to include in the scheme of treatment of the glue of varicose veins. In their opinion, it is not only relieves the painful symptoms, but acts on the causes of the disease. However, considered as a compression bandage, the panacea is not worth it. It will bring an undeniable advantage, but only in the context of an integrated treatment with the application of the system of medicines, ointments, linen house.