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  • Monique
    Me at this time, the varicose vein is not strong, the initial stage, but has decided not to start and begin treatment immediately noticed the varicose veins. Currently uses approximately a month. I will not say that the effect is instantly visible, but it is now clearly visible. Texture, it is very gentle, absorbs quickly, plus no bad smell) love, love particularly use varikosette in the evening, after a day on the feet-both the ease of such appears.
  • Nicolas
    Varicose veins - a problem former athletes, it is me, she is not spared. The rear surface of the thighs and calves constantly pulled in vienna, as if pulsated and visually it was seen that in the veins as if of clots... Very cool has helped to address these symptoms of varicose veins it is cream varikosette. If you also have problems try to help you!
  • Françoise
    Varikosette - it is a cream which can relieve swelling, heaviness in the legs, pain. Unfortunately, themselves, of vienna, it has no impact, which is logical. Still no cream has not managed to overcome this disease. The consistency is quite easy, for the reason that the cream is absorbed in few minutes. The greasy sheen does not leave. In the first 5 to 7 minutes after application you can feel a pleasant freshness on the skin, this is especially important in the hot time of the year. I have in the morning to the feet of cotton, even get out of bed sometimes, it is difficult, not to mention a work of pro. Apply the cream, I put myself in and as good as new. Action starts after 10 minutes, not before. But the action is limited 1 to 2 hours to feel good, the pain is not, and then, again, it must be dirty. In general, such as emergency assistance from good. Still a very good help to calm down ноющие feet by the end of the day, after work "on its feet". Now, I sometimes allow myself to wear heels. Finally, the cream worthy, if not wait for miracles. Consumption is not the most economical, I bought already 3 times. And already ends again (dishes 3-4 times per day). If there is money, you can order. A good cream, not more.
  • Catherine
    Like many women, I love shoes with high heels. Over the years, the legs have become very quickly tired by the end of the day, we feel a strong gravity, even hurt to walk. Not want to change their favorite shoes, on shoes, this is why I went to seek the advice of a doctor and he advised me to buy the cream Varikosette. The tool is really very effective, I have tried lots of creams and gels, but honestly, far from what they have declared per share. An ointment that I bought at the pharmacy, myung started terrible allergies, a rash on the skin and itching, had to drink tablets against allergies. With cream Varikosette no secondary action has not been, with symptoms that it just cracked. I am now using it for prevention, for wearing high heels has no negative effect on my feet.
  • Martine
    I suffer from varicose veins, the legs have already become form of the nodes from the vein, in the evening, the feet are terribly swollen and painful, I've tried a lot of creams, and by the hope that this cream will help me to get rid of the pain and swelling I have not had, but it turned out that I was not in the right. The swelling of the cream varikosette has not removed, but pain was delivered. Now, the evenings I can walk, and not to make compresses to the legs. A good cream, the buyer.
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